About Us

We proudly opened our first Zanzibar Watersports base at Nungwi Beach in 2017. Since then, we have grown into a leading PADI dive center in Zanzibar and have diversified our water-based activities to cater for all our ocean-loving guests. Kendwa Rocks became our second base in 2019 and provides the same high standards of professionalism, safety and enjoyment that Zanzibar Watersports is known for. Our long-standing experience with the Divers Alert Network (DAN) and accreditation as a DAN Diving Safety Partner mean that Zanzibar Watersports meets the highest safety standards.

By always keeping our groups small and manageable, you will get to experience every moment on the ocean as special. We stay true to the relaxed atmosphere of Zanzibar by making sure you never feel rushed while out at sea. There is always a good balance of adventure and rest with us. Good friends have been made as people excitedly talk about the latest new creatures they have seen. There is nothing like swimming alongside a pod of playful dolphins or spotting yet another turtle to get you everyone chatting.

Nungwi Beach
The flagship base of Zanzibar Watersports is located at Paradise Beach Bungalows in the heart of Nungwi Village. This dive centre is recognised as a PADI Five Star Instructor Development Dive Resort, which is the highest level in East Africa, and means we are qualified to teach the full suite of PADI courses. We offer personalised diving, fishing and other watersports to guests staying onsite as well as those at surrounding hotels. Nungwi is a popular destination on the island as it has some amazing diving spots as well as a thriving entertainment scene.

Kendwa Rocks Beach
Just 5km south of Nungwi, Kendwa Rocks Beach is now home to the newest base of the Zanzibar Watersports crew. This dive centre is also recognised as a PADI Five Star Instructor Development Dive Resort so we can teach all PADI courses here, from beginner through to professional. We offer all of our exciting water-based activities from Kendwa Rocks to guests onsite and at nearby hotels. Kendwa Rocks boasts one of the most stunning beaches in Zanzibar. It has incredibly wide sandy beaches that make it a great spot to play games or simply relax on when you aren’t in the water.