Dive Sites

  1. Mnemba – Wattabommi (6-30m): Sandy slope with fringing plate coral, white tips, green turtles, large groupers.
  2. Mnemba – Kichwani (6-40m): A wall of corals home to a vast array of marine life. Schooling fish feed in the shallow waters while larger predatory fish can be seen out in the blue.
  3. Mnemba – Big Wall (14-40m): Northern edge of Mnemba Atoll is almost a kilometer long, best visibility, lobsters, white tips, turtles.
  4. Leons Wall (12-40m): The edge of the inner reef. Leon’s Wall is a vertical drop covered in a plethora of soft corals and encrusting sponges. Lionfish, schools of snappers, and the elusive leaf fish can all be seen along the wall.
  5. Misoli (12-40m): Large coral island which can be circumvented on the dive. very diverse coral and lots of nudibranches.
  6. Kichafi (12-18m): A very healthy reef with vast expanses of plate corals. The large sandy area adjacent to the site also makes this an excellent training ground for all courses.
  7. Haji (10-18m): A submerged coral ridge attracts an abundance of marine life and sports a vast array of hard coral formations. There are numerous Crocodile fish and Nudibranchs to be found here.
  8. Mbwangawa (12-18m): An eclectic mix of life, including lobster sheltering beneath plate corals and frequent encounters with cuttlefish. The chance to see turtles also makes this a very popular dive site.
  9. Ametatu (6-12m): Sister reef to Chakatuni, small coral bommies hosting a wide variety of marine life of all sizes and colours.
  10. Chakatuni (12-18m): Hard corals in the open sea, seen best at slack tide. Attracts a wide range of marine life.
  11. Shanes Reef (12-16m): This weird and wonderful dive offers the best array of macro life around. Flying gurnards frogfish and Mauritius scorpion fish make this site a photographers dream.
  12. Hunga (12-18m): A wall that drops down to 45m with cascading plate coral flowing into the deep. Lionfish, large rays and a passing point for dolphins and pelagic species.
  13. Nankivell (12-18m): Can only be dived on specific tides this large area of coral has a great variety of reef fish, lobsters and the occasional small reef shark.
  14. Kendwa Reef (5-10m): Suitable for both divers and snorkelers, this site is a great nursery full of vibrant juveniles hiding amongst the corals.
  15. Mwana na Mwana (2-12m): Soft and hard coral bommies with glass fish sheltering in the crevices. Frogfish have been spotted here, and often green turtles stop by to take advantage of the cleaning service.
  16. Tumbatu – Haunted wall (2-15m): A small eerie looking wall with beautiful soft corals sheltering nudibranchs and leaf fish, with inquisitive bat fish cruising past.
  17. Renco Bommi (7-14m): A huge coral bommi coming up from the sand, with an explosion of marine life. Leaf fish, Octopus, and the colorful Mantis shrimps are a common site here. An ideal dive site for the less experienced.
  18. Leven Bank (14-40m): An Exciting must do dive spot for experienced divers only. Spectacular dive, often in strong currents in the Pemba Channel with great visibility, but can only be dived on certain tides. Amazing mid-channel pinnacle, topped with coral and sandy patches, the walls drop down to over 160m. The pinnacle attracts some large pelagic fish from the open ocean, such as sharks, manta rays, whale sharks and big game fish. The pinnacle itself is home to things from huge Honeycomb moray eels to colorful nudibranchs. Dolphins are often seen playing in this area.