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The waters between Zanzibar and Pemba are home to excellent big game fishing and are famous world wide for the exciting opportunities they provide. Further South at Mafia Island and Latham Island there are fishing grounds which are almost untouched with only a few local fishermen there taking the fish. With large schools of barracuda, wahoo, king fish and giant travelli in the area all year, and seasonal visits from many other species, the fishing off Zanzibar is an experience you will never forget.

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Three professional deep sea fishing boats are on offer – Baloo , Timimi and Suli Suli. These are all equipped to the highest international safety standards. They also have the latest fishing technology with GPS navigational aids, echo sounders and fish finders. Half and full day charters are available on all the boats and if you would like to do a longer trip then three or five day charters to Pemba, Mafia Island and Latham Island can also be arranged.

A full set of tackle is provided with Shimano, Fenwick, Harnell or KC rods and Shimano or Penn International reels, spooled with 80lb, 50lb, 30lb or 20lb mono lines. Clients who wish to use their own lighter tackle are welcome. Our experienced skippers and crew can instruct novices and talk fishermen through any procedure in the course of reeling in their catch and give hints and tips to improve your technique.


Suli Suli

Suli Suli is an 8.5m open deck boat, professionally converted for the job of fishing. She has had a fighting chair added, along with fish finder, GPS, downriggers and six rod holders. As with all our boats she holds a current certificate of sea-worthiness and is equipped with lifejackets, VHF radio and all other safety gear. Her two 115HP Yamaha outboard motors allow her to cover a lot of ground in comfort and make sure you can get to where the fish are.

When you find the fish you have six Shimano rods and reels with 20lb lines to choose from. If you wish to bring your own tackle or would like to use something a bit heavier then let us know and we’ll accommodate you.

This vessel’s open deck design is perfect for the sun lovers amongst you, allowing you to top up your tans on the way out but with enough shade that you can shelter if it gets a bit too hot. Many of our guests and several experienced fishermen have said Suli Suli was their favourite boat. She is simple, unpretentious and perfectly suited to a great day out in the sun, bobbing around on the sea and the experienced captain and crew always seem to find fish!


The Norwegians have a prestigious boat building history. From the long boats that crossed the Atlantic hundreds of years before Columbus to their latest modern fishing vessels they have never failed to build quality boats. Timimi is a 7.5m Windy from Norway and lives up to the history in every way. This custom built fishing boat is powered by twin 85HP outboard motors this vessel has enough power to reach some excellent fishing grounds including Leven Bank and Pemba Island in comfort and style. The crew of professional crew can guide beginners through their first trip but have enough experience to help seasoned fishermen.

Timimi carries a wide range of fishing equipment. She has downriggers so your lines won’t get tangled and you can choose from thirty and fifty pound lines. The rods are a combination of Penn International and Shimano and are all in excellent condition. All that good equipment would be useless if there were no fish so the boat is equipped with a fish finder and GPS and the usual safety equipment. There is space for four people to share the boat without a squeeze and inside the you’ll find sofas, cushions and a marine head for added comfort.  There is a toilet on board


Pride of the fleet is Baloo. Walking down from the helm station into the luxuriously furnished galley, convertible into a bedroom, you will find a comfortable bathroom and guest bedroom easily providing total over night capability for four people. Catching, cleaning and barbequing can all be done on the same huge cockpit deck. With so many fish in the sea, it may be hard to come up with a valid reason to return back to shore.

Baloo is fully equipped for all your needs. Seven Penn International rods and reels can be used simultaneously to increase your chances of a catch. Down riggers spread the lines and are easily accessible. The tuna tower provides the captain with a much higher view of the sea which allows him to spot the fish from further away. For long days out at sea the vessel has a head and comfortable seating down below in the spacious cabin if you want to get out of the sun for a while. All modern fishing and safety equipment is included, from GPS and fish finder to a full compliment of lifejackets and VHF radio.

With a length of over 38’ and a beam of 11’ Baloo has plenty of space on board. The facilities on board allow for longer trips than Timimi or Suli Suli. We regularly run three or five day charters to Pemba, Mafia Island and the famous Latham Island where in the past fishermen have taken time out from catching fish to snorkel amongst huge schools of tuna and alongside manta rays. On these trips we enjoy fantastic fishing and then can relax in the evening with a cold beer and barbeque the fish we have caught that day. You’ll never eat fresher seafood than that!