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For most of the year, Zanzibar is home to some of the calmest, clearest oceans imaginable. This combined with a plethora of marine life make it a perfect spot for a Scuba Diving vacation. Visibility is usually in the range of 10-40m depending on the dive site. However, like everywhere in the world, weather does play a factor during certain months of the year. January and February are when the ‘KasKasi’ winds hit the island. These can render the ocean very rough and force boats to retreat to the safety of sheltered coves. If you are planning your vacation at this time however do not fret because the winds are unpredictable and it is quite common to have perfect weather interspersed by a few days of strong winds. From the end of March through until May, the long wet season of Zanzibar means sea conditions and visibility can be quite poor. Having said that, it is possible to have good days interspersed among the others and some interesting dive days out to our more protected local sites.